Women Lag Behind Men In Car Maintenance Knowledge

These days women have become more knowledgeable about their vehicles and how to maintain them. Being able to perform routine car maintenance and repair is empowering and can be a lot of fun.

Women Lag Behind Men In Car Maintenance Knowledge

A recent study found that women are less likely to know how to make the most basic care repairs.

The study surveyed 1,000 men and 1,000 women, all married homeowners with children, about basic car maintenance: changing tires, checking oil levels, jumping a dead battery and checking tire pressure. The results showed that men are more comfortable with vehicle care.

The poll found:

  • 93% of men have checked their oil, while 78% of women have done the same.
  • 88% of men have changed a tire, but only about half of women have.
  • 26% of women do not know how to jumpstart a car, while only 7% of men don’t.

The survey also found that younger drivers are less knowledgeable about car repair and maintenance than older drivers, possibly illustrating a generational shift among younger adults who do less car maintenance on their own.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at seguromo commented "One of the great things about the Internet age is the proliferation of free online instructional videos. Women curious about car repair can simply Google the task they’re interested in and often find a detailed video explaining all the steps related to that task."