What is 'Petrol Stretching'

'Petrol Stretching' involves adding up to 10% of kerosene to petrol before selling it to unwitting drivers.

Kerosene, which is used as a fuel for heating, is widely available for just 80c per litre, were as petrol is close to double that at €1.55.

petrol stretching

'Petrol Stretching' is now causing chaos among petrol engined car owners and the auto industry in the West of Ireland, border regions and midlands in particular.

The damage is so severe that in many cases the engine pistons have melted and ended up coated in carbon. Drivers are unable to notice any difference when at the pump. However, depending on how much contaminated fuel is put into the tank, they could notice the damage within minutes.

Keep an eye on petrol prices. The current average price per litre is €1.55, so be wary of prices significantly less than this as sellers try to lure in customers.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at seguromo commented "If your car has been contaminated, common indicators include a lack of power, misfiring of the engine and the engine warning light coming on. Motorists may also experience a knocking noise coming from the engine."