Simple Way to Improve Your Reversing Skills

No-one likes the feeling of trying to squeeze into a gap between two cars while cranky motorists bank up behind you. Driving forwards is easy. Reversing is... weirdly much trickier. The key is to take it slow and not get overwhelmed.

Simple Way to Improve Your Reversing Skills

The “S” Method
  • Turn on your signal and pull up three feet away from the car you want to park behind. Make sure to align your back tires with the other car’s back bumper
  • Put your car into reverse and turn your wheels all the way to the right
  • Very slowly back up until you are at a 45-degree angle, then stop
  • Turn the wheels all the way to the left
  • Back up very slowly until you are parallel with the curb
  • If done correctly, you should be less then twelve inches from the curb. Practice will improve your judgment

Exiting a Parallel Parking Space
  • Back up straight, as far as you can go, without touching the car behind you
  • Turn the wheels all the way to the left, then make sure that you put your car in drive
  • Put on your turn signal
  • Be sure to check traffic, including your blind spot
  • Your right fender needs to have enough room to clear the car in front of you
  • Turn the wheels slowly to the right when you are halfway out of the parking space

Alex Todd Brand Manager at seguromo commented "The key is to remember that parallel parking is a repeatable thing, it doesn't require judgement, it doesn't require experience, it just requires that you have a space large enough for your vehicle and you repeat the same process over and over again with as little variation as possible."

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