New guidelines for speed limits explained

Minister Donohoe brought out new guidelines for setting and managing speed limits in Ireland. In the document there's new signage for minor local roads and urban 'Slow zones' for residential areas.

The signage for minor local roads is set to be a white disc with three black stripes across it. This donates that the National speed limit of 80kph applies but you should use your own judgement for how fast up to 80kph you should go.

The new signs will take the doubt out of what speed you should be going and brings our signage in line with most other EU countries.

New guidelines for speed limits explained

How does the new signs effect you?

They don't, there's really no change to the laws, the national speed limit for rural back roads has always been 80kph unless otherwise signposted. Drive as the conditions dictate and no faster than 80kph and you'll be fine.

Local authorities and the NRA should begin rolling out the new signs shortly and will be finished within two years. The new limits will be reviewed every five years and changes made if needed. A new web site has been set up that has information for the public, it's set to expand over the coming weeks.

Urban Slow Zones

Local authorities and community groups are being encouraged to consider new Slow Zones in places like housing estates or small local roads where traffic volumes are low. These zones will be self enforcing that can have speed bumps, special road markings and other traffic calming measures as required.

The limit in these zones will be 30kph or less which will lower the chance of a severe crash but also lower the amount of road noise as traffic passes through. There's new signage to support the 'Slow Zones' and hopefully it will make these smaller roads a nicer place to use for everyone.

The new areas will be signposted over the coming months, if you think you need a 'Slow Zone' get in touch with your Local authority for consultation.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at seguromo commented "Driving too slowly can be as dangerous as driving too fast. The driver who toddles along a 80kph road at 60kph causes tailbacks and frustration. This can lead to dangerous overtaking manoeuvres and other road safety issues. Speed in itself is not that dangerous, inappropriate speed is. Always take into account the weather and road conditions."