Ireland is 14th dearest country for petrol

If you think filling up your car with petrol in Ireland is too expensive you may be right. According to research compiled by Bloomberg, Ireland is the 14th most expensive place in the world to fill your car with petrol.

And despite rapidly falling oil prices - a barrel fell to €57 Tuesday morning - the cost of petrol at the pump is unlikely to fall significantly between now and Christmas, given that so much of the cost of fuel here is tax.

Ireland is 14th dearest country for petrol

According to the research, a litre of petrol costs on average €1.48 in Ireland. This puts the country behind its close neighbour the UK, which is ranked in 8th position, with average petrol prices of €1.55/litre.

At the other end of the scale is Venezuela, the cheapest country in the world for petrol, according to Bloomberg, where almost free petrol is considered a “birthright”. A litre of petrol costs just €0.01, meaning that the cost of filling up the 39-gallon tank of a Chevrolet Suburban in Venezuela is $1.56, compared with $114 in the US and $361 in Norway.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at seguromo commented "A typical Irish driver pays about €2,754 a year in fuel and €1,652 of this is tax."

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