Drivers warned over visible gadgets

INCREASING numbers of people are leaving valuable gadgets on show when they park and leave their cars, according to new research.

The figures from a poll by Auto Trader show that 80% of drivers leave their smart phones or tablets on show when they walk away from their motor, and with the latest devices costing hundreds of pounds it could be argued that owners are becoming careless.

Drivers warned over visible gadgets

According to the research, 85% of drivers still leave valuables of some sort inside the car somewhere, with 60% leaving them on show and 17% simply dropping them on the front seat.

Phones are the most commonly left behind gadget, with 57% of survey participants confessing to leaving theirs unattended. Next were sat-nav devices, whose perennial positions suckered to windscreens means that 46% simply leave them on show.

Perhaps even more astonishingly, 43% leave their wallet, purse or cash in view.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at seguromo commented "Certain people will take advantage of the absence and negligence of the car owner who left their car unlocked; making it easier for them to steal the contents of the car and run away". Alex went on to say that "Another method of stealing consists of deceiving victims by telling them that they have a flat tire or that the vehicle has some kind of malfunction. When the unsuspecting car owners step out to check their vehicle, the thief’s accomplice nabs whatever items left unattended inside the vehicle."