Driverless Cars Can Change Everything As We Know It

Driverless cars are so clever, aren’t they? The potential to whisk us along in total comfort and relaxation while a silicon chip takes care of the driving may sound like bliss to some.

So is there really anything to get excited about? Well, maybe. Here’s just some of the ways that driverless cars could change the entire world as we know it!

Driverless Cars Can Change Everything As We Know It

Improved Safety

Robot drivers are safer than humans, no matter how insane that sounds. The fact that they don’t get tired, they don’t get bad tempered and they can react faster than a person and see more of the road than we can.


Driving around like a headless chicken looking for a parking space will become a thing of the past when driverless cars take over. New systems which allow the car to park itself will make parking a breeze, even in spaces that would prove a challenge for even the most experienced driver.


Robot drivers are also much better at working out when to start accelerating and when to brake. In theory this should result in fewer traffic jams and a smoother flow of traffic. You could also argue that better driving from the driverless cars means fewer accidents and therefore fewer road closures.


Think about elderly people, those with disabilities or degenerative conditions, people who usually find it very difficult to get out and about on a regular basis without some sort of assistance.

Less Stressful Journeys

With the car doing all of the driving it frees up a lot of time for you on the journey. You’re free to chat to your family or friends, read the newspaper or even watch television from the comfort of the vehicle.

Fewer Convictions

It is conceivably possible that by programming the self-driving car it won’t be able to break speed limits, evade law enforcements etc. In theory this should then lead to less law-breaking on the roads, and fewer accidents and casualties as a result.

Instant Updates and Repairs

One of the major benefits of an autonomous driving system is that it can be upgraded over the internet instantly, just like your smartphone or computer.

However, with the good inevitably comes the bad. So what are the downsides to this technology when there is obviously some really good that can come with this.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at seguromo commented " A main concern for many motor enthusiasts would simply be, driverless cars will take the fun out of driving. Until driverless cars are present in our everyday general life, there’s no exact way of telling what effect they’ll have."

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