Car clocking costs consumers €60m yearly

Car clocking is costing Irish consumers up to €60m every year, as the EU looks to stamp out the practice by creating a mileage database.

Car clocking involves winding back the odometer reading on a vehicle for the purpose of artificially inflating its value, and was made illegal in Ireland for the first time in February and is punishable by a fine of €2,500 and/or a maximum jail term of three months.

Car clocking costs consumers €60m yearly

However, despite the law, car history website claims the practice is still widespread.

The car history experts claim the practice is costing consumers between €40m and €60m each year in inflated car values.

Fine Gael MEP and member of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee, Deirdre Clune, has called for pan-European action on “clocking”.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at seguromo commented "Next time you’re buying a car with suspiciously low mileage, make sure to check the cars documented history and have it looked at by a competent mechanic to be on the safe side."

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