How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Buy Online!

The best insurance deals are found online.

Check you Mileage!

Check you mileage. By reducing the number of Kilometres you are travelling you may reduce your premium.

Drive an Older Car!

Older vehicles tend to attract bigger discounts.

Check your Driving Experience!

If you have never held insurance before, you may be eligible for named driver experience if you have been named on someone else's policy (parent, spouse etc). You will have to get the necessary document to prove this driving experience.

Named Drivers!

Check the additional drivers. If you are married adding your spouse may reduce the premium. Alternatively, if there are younger drivers on the policy are they regular drivers? If not, it may be worthwhile to delete them from the policy.

Increase your Excess!

If you increase the amount of excess you are willing to pay this may also reduce the cost of the insurance as you are covering more of your own damage.

We hope the above will prove helpful in reducing the cost of your insurance, but it is paramount that all questions are answered truthfully so as not to jeopardise any future claims.

Also be aware of what you are purchasing and remember to compare "like for like" as some policies may appear to be cheap but do not include certain covers. You may also have to pay administration charges for adjustments to the policy.

At if you make a change online we DO NOT charge any additional administration charges.