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Checking progress on a claim

To check on a claim, you don't need to call.

Once you've made a claim, you can check its progress online by logging in to MySeguromo. It's quick. It's easy. And you can see the current status of your claim, without having to call.

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Do I get a courtesy vehicle?

If the insured vehicle is out of use as a result of a claim for loss or damage insured under this policy we will cover you for any hiring charges you have to pay in getting a temporary replacement car from our recognised list of current approved repairers.

We will automatically insure the temporary replacement car supplied by the approved repairer while you hire it, depending on the conditions and exceptions of this policy.

Under this endorsement we will not pay more than €200 for any one event. This will not apply where the only damage is broken glass in the windscreen or windows of the insured vehicle.

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Garda enquiries

Helping the Garda with their investigations.

If you require any information as part of an investigation please we can be contacted on 048 703 25129.

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Make a claim

How to make a claim


Any incident must be reported to us immediately. Do not delay in reporting any accident no matter how small it may appear at the time of occurrence.

All claims are initially handled by Motorists Insurance Services Ltd(MIS), 37 Comber Road, Dundonald, Belfast BT16 2AA.

If you have to make a claim you will have to contact AIG Express Claims on the following number:

  • Phone from Ireland: 01 8599700

Lines are open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


All policies come with Roadside Assistance including Home Start as standard. If you have had a breakdown please contact us on:

  • Phone from Ireland: 01804 4328


All policies come with Legal Assistance as standard. If you have had a breakdown please contact us on:

  • Phone from Ireland: 01 8599700


In the event you need to make a glass claim, please refer to the following information.

Our Glass line is operated 24/7 by our approved glass supplier Auto Windscreens.

  • Phone from Ireland: 1850 200 552

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