Important Information Concerning Green Cards

“It has been widely reported in the press that in the event of the UK leaving the European Union with a “no deal” there will be a requirement for those travelling between Ireland and the United Kingdom to have a “Green Card” to maintain insurance cover. At this stage we do not envisage that this will be the case. We will continue to monitor political developments in the UK and will provide an updated communication by the 18th March.”

What happens if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a deal?

This will result in Irish motorists still being able to drive freely to and from Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom but there will be a new requirement to carry a green card at all times.

What is a green card?

A ‘green card’ is an international motor insurance document which provides proof that the insurance from the motorist’s home country will apply in the other relevant country.

Do I need a green card?

If a “no-deal” scenario occurs and you need to drive on your Irish policy in Northern Ireland and/or the United Kingdom after the 29th of March you will need to carry a green card to prove to the relevant authorities you have valid insurance cover.

Please Note: Customers that don’t plan on driving outside of the Republic of Ireland do not need a green card.

Is there a limit to my cover period?

If a “green card” is required we will issue this to run in conjunction with your existing insurance cover and to the end of the cover period.

What am I covered for?

Your “green card” proves your current Irish insurance cover is valid for driving your vehicle in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Your level of cover remains exactly the same.

Other important information concerning green cards

If you change your vehicle during your period of insurance cover and you wish to drive in NI or UK you will need to obtain a new green card from AIG. For green cards to be valid the registration on the card must match the new vehicle registration on your policy and the vehicle you are driving in Northern Ireland and/or the UK.

Please note: Green cards cannot be issued for a period of less than 15 days.