Buying Car Insurance Online

It's More Convenient!

Today we live in an ever more demanding world trying to mix work with pleasure. Traditionally insurance had been sold through insurance brokers or direct over the phone to insurers. The market is quickly changing as people wish to get quotes and make adjustments to their policies whenever it suits them and not the company supplying the products.

By moving onto the internet is open for business 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. You will also be able to manage your insurance requirement online when it suits you.

It's Cheaper!

By selling online we can deliver the products to you at a much more competitive rate than traditional distribution channels. believes in passing on these reductions to you in lower premiums. You may ask how we do this.

  • 95% of our quotations originate Online so are not taking up time in quoting for business we are not going to get.
  • We email most of our documentation if you have access to that facility.
  • You can manage you own account online. still has a call centre based in Ireland but with the Internet we can do twice as much business with half the traditional overheads.

No Additional Administration Charges!

Many traditional brokers make extra revenue from administration charges once you have purchased the policy for changing vehicles and adding drivers to cover their costs. At if you make your adjustment online yourself we do not charge any additional charges on top.

It's Safe!

What could be riskier than giving your card details over the phone or to someone you do not know in a busy high street location. When you give your details over the Internet to seguromo we use the strongest available security systems to protect your communications with us. The files holding the information are stored on servers which are protected by our firewall and our website is protected by 128-bit Global Secure Socket Layer (SSL).